During the last of March 2015 we were blessed to join 7 others from our local church and partner with Baptist4Haiti for a week of ministry that would change our lives. Since I have taught First Aid and CPR to lifeguards for many years I felt a strong calling to share these skills with the people of Haiti.  Since the devastating earthquake these people have endured the memories of seeing love ones broken and not being able to help. A part of our hearts were left in Haiti and we cannot wait to return.

How We Are Sharing the incredible love of god during our travels. 

Stray Cat Sailing

If you have checked this tab before you will have noticed it has been blank for quite a while. Bare with me as I tell you a little about us and what this page of the website is all about. Part of that is the fact that I have to learn how to insert things into the website. I usually just update the Blog and am still learning how to manipulate the website itself and I have not had a lot of internet band with to spare. The other is that while we thought we had an idea of the Ministry that God was calling us to when we left on this adventure I have found that the first purpose God had was to strengthen my relationship with Him. For those of you that may be reading this and do not know us well, I (Deby) am the more vocal of the two. Yes I know that most men are thinking that is usually the case. Ha Ha. Seriously I have really struggled with how to be faithful to the great commission while obeying those verses in Gods word relating to a woman being quiet in church. Freddie reminded me that there is so many times in God's word that command everyone to praise God and spread his good news and that if we will not praise him he will cause the rocks to cry out and praise Him.

I praise God for my husband who lives his faith, truly loves and is interested in people and will quietly go about meeting any need that he sees. 

With neither of us being the personality types to stand on the street corner and preach and since we are not affiliated with any organized mission program we inquired of God how he wanted to use us to spread his good news on our travels.

We found these hats at the local Flea Market and started buying them by the dozens.  They are great conversation starters and most everyone can use a hat in the Bahamas. We have had many times (many in airports) that the simple message on the hat has led to testimonies, prayers and seeds of faith planted in hearts because of conversations initiated from these hats. The pens have a different bible verse that shows up whenever you click the pen. It is simple to sign your credit card receipt and just hand the pen back to the clerk as if it was theirs. I have loved the reactions that I have gotten from people when they try to return my pen and I tell them to keep it. I have had many instances when the person would come seek us out to tell me how much the message on the pens or hats touched them. The people in the Bahamas are much more open to the Gospel than many people in the States. God is good. God is full of grace and will always equip us for what he calls us to do.